Why choose the CMO Fellowship?

Whether you’re looking to step into the CMO shoes for the first time, or need to refresh your approach, this program is the first step to preparing you for a CMO role, and beyond. Most suited for marketing leaders who are looking to absorb the most practical knowledge, in the least amount of time. 

The interactivity of the program along with specifically chosen course instructors for each week means you will learn from real-life experiences, get instant feedback, and walk away with actionable insights.

Weekly live sessions with CMO Fellowship
Weekly live sessions

Engage in live, interactive sessions to learn from the real-life experience of market-leading instructors in live online sessions and interactive Q&As.

Templates and frameworks from CMO Fellowship
Templates & frameworks

Tried and tested ready-made templates created by CMOs to help you hit the ground running from day one.

Actionable coursework from CMO Fellowship
Actionable coursework

Validate your learning and practice with a coursework portfolio and gain immediate feedback from our team of presenters.

Peer learning with CMO Fellowship
Peer learning

Access a dedicated network of peers in your private fellowship alumni channel, to support you throughout your career.

Become a future fellow with CMO Fellowship
Become a future Fellow

Upon completion, you'll have a chance to create bespoke courses, and articles, and take part in panel discussions to reach the 100s of CMOs in CMO Alliance.

Lifelong cohort with CMO Fellowship
Lifelong cohort

Continue to access the support network of our program directors and your peers, during and after the fellowship.

"The CMO Alliance is a one-of-a-kind for marketing leaders. A community of like-minded folk sharing challenges, advice and the wider content is an incredible resource that I call on weekly."

-Chris Sheen, Director of Social & Content at Celonis

This program's developed based on lived-in experiences of CMOs

Week 1

Through facilitated discussion and reflection, you and your cohort will strengthen their leadership skills.

Week 2
Revenue generation

You will leave this week understanding industry-leading practices in revenue generation.

Week 3
The storytelling CMO

You will come away from this week with insight into their own aptitude for creativity. Branding, messaging and positioning will all take centre stage.

Week 4
The product CMO

Week 4 will leave you as competent product professionals understanding how they can shape each product's journey.

Week 5
The analytic CMO

You will come away from this module with a greater sense of the data used by other organizations to measure their effectiveness.

Team Management
Team management

Focusing on effective management practices, from recruitment through to retention, this week will set you up to be the best managers possible.

A selection of the marketing leaders you'll hear from

This course is essential for you if:

💼 You want to become a marketing leader through a proven framework.

📚 You need actionable insights to hit the ground running in your new position as CMO.

🙋‍♂️ You’re looking for a closed-networking group with peers to help support you in becoming a leader.

Become a stand-out CMO 👇

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Q. Who’s this program for?

A. Anyone who is looking to become a CMO in the near future, has become a CMO recently, or is looking to refresh their approach will find benefits in this course.

While much of the content is aimed at those looking to move into a CMO role soon, or just started one, you’ll find plenty of insights and advice to elevate your approach to the CMO role, no matter your experience. This program is very much geared towards CEOs working in start-up/scale-up spaces.

Q. Will I get recordings of the live presentations?

A. Absolutely! Every presentation, along with its accompanying slide deck, will be uploaded to your dashboard, giving you access for as long as you need it. Tutorials, due to the nature of the discussion, cannot be recorded satisfactorily.

Q. What price is this program?

A. $1,999

Q: What time will the live sessions take place?

A: The live sessions will take place every second Monday and Thursday during the program at 9am PST | 12pm ET | 5pm GMT+1 (London Time).

Q: How long will the program take to complete?

A: Six weeks*. After that, the presentations, coursework, exams, etc., will come to an end, however, you’ll have access to all the materials to learn from for life. The alumni channel will be an eternal resource too, to stay in touch with and learn from your fellowship program peers.

*The program in 2022 will take 6 weeks to complete however from 2023 onwards, this program will take place over 12 weeks, with the course taking place every second week.